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About Us

FreeAqua is a revolutionary and first of its kind advertising platform that combines clean drinking water with impactful brand promotion. The platform has been created with “small but effective” way of marketing. We want your brand promotions to be razor focused and create conversions that no other platform gives you. We understand how marketers put their best efforts yet end up burning cash with not so good ROIs, we want you to create campaigns that are result driven. FreeAqua’s vision is to become the leading provider of advertising solutions that promote brands and provide clean drinking water to people for free.

Reach one, Stimulate one!

Yes, you can encourage each one of your customers with your creative messages, be it promotional offers/coupons, new product introduction, use FreeAqua’s little canvas as per your marketing goals.

Get Viral with every Sip!

A brand today is all about how it makes your customers feel. Being marketers we understand how important it is the time that your customers spend looking at your advertisements, FreeAqua will allow your users to see your ads with every sip. Still thinking?
Happy Clients in 2022

Targeting that hits your audience at the right stage of your funnel.

Join the mission

Become a part of FreeAqua in distributing high-quality drinking water in sustainable delivered in BPA-free packing

A platform where advertising meets CSR

Engage and captivate consumers through the intersection of advertising and social responsibility of your brand

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Customer satisfaction is a primary goal for our company



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